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  At some point in time, every woman faces problem with vaginal discharge
Are all vaginal discharges abnormal?
Is vaginal discharge always a problem?
Today we take more information about it.
So any secretion released from vagina is called vaginal discharge.
There are several glands present inside the vagina, that produce these secretions and keep the vagina lubricated.
So, it is essential to have these secretions.
Additionally, there are many organisms in the vagina, such as healthy bacteria that can fight with infections.
and these bacteria maintain the pH of the vagina to an optimum level.
If for some reason the optimal pH of the vagina is disturbed, it can lead to infection of the vagina.
and this infection will manifest in the form of vaginal discharge.

Abnormal Discharge

There is the possibility of discharge at different points during the menstrual cycle.
For example, during egg release, you can find a whitish discharge that is due to mucus consistency
But it does not smell unusual and does not irritate.
So, it is a normal discharge.
if you are feeling abnormal smell or itching with the discharge or

It is an abnormal discharge if it is altered in color such as yellow or green or if blood-stained
That is the time you should seek gynecological help.

What are the causes of vaginal discharge?
There may be different reasons for this.
most commonly it is due to infection
it can be either a sexually transmitted infection or may be due to poor menstrual hygiene.
Nowadays some girls insert tampons instead of pads in the vagina during the time of periods
if you forget to remove that tampons it will cause infections by lying inside.
Some women have allergies due to latex that present in condoms.
So, whenever they use condoms, they may have vaginal irritation or discharge
Other than this the detergent that you used to wash your clothes
or any type of cosmetic product that you applied to your local area that all can cause vaginal irritation or discharge.
In addition, menopausal women, that is, those women whose periods are stopped
Due to the lack of hormones in them, the vaginal layer will be very thin, so they may have recurrent infections.
Therefore, women who suffer from menopause also have vaginal discharge problems.
When you consult your gynecologist for the first time they will take your history that is, they will ask some questions.
For example, the duration of discharge, quantity, what are the associated symptoms example stomach pain.
vaginal bleeding, or if you have pain during urination? these types of questions.after doing this your examination will be done
In which we hang the patient and with the help of an instrument we will examine your vagina and the face of your uterus
while doing this we can see the discharge that presents in the vagina.we notice the color of the discharge that is how that color looks
From it, we get an idea of the type of discharge and what caused the infection.
some investigations will also be done along with this
important investigations are for example, the analysis of water collected from the uterus which we called a pap smear testing
it is a much-needed test.
whatever discharges secreted other than this are collected on a glass slide and examined under a microscope.
We can also send this discharge to the lab
In that, we can exactly identify the organism that caused this discharge.
In addition, if you experience any pain or burning sensation while urinating, a urine examination will be advised, and sometimes the gynecologist may advise you to test for sexually transmitted infections. because often these discharges occur due to infections.
so, you will be advised to test HIV, Herpes, Hep B&C.
Now we will talk about treatment
The gynecologist will give you the treatment according to the type of discharge. Because the majority of vaginal infections are mixed infections.
So, the treatment you will be given will be a broad-spectrum treatment that covers bacteria, fungus, and protozoan.
 it is necessary, you and your spouse need to get treatment together, When you have an infection, and your partner is also taking treatment, it can reduce the risk of recurrent infections.
Usually, the treatment period will be 7-10 days.
and most female do respond in that time frame.
Some people have a question that, is vaginal discharge normal during pregnancy?
Yes! it may be possible to have vaginal discharge during pregnancy.
in fact, some may have excessive discharge during pregnancy.
it is because of the hormonal effect and there is nothing abnormal in that.
The next question is, is the vaginal discharge common in a certain age group?
so I want to tell you that, the vaginal discharge can occur at any age group.
It is possible to occur in young teenage girls, reproductive women and also to postmenopausal the vaginal discharge or white discharge have any effect on general health?
It won't happen medically
if anyone has excessive discharges then their daily routine can be disrupted because of that
but medically it won't have an impact on general health.
So, to summarize, I will tell you that vaginal infections or discharges are a very common problem.
and it will not cause any long-term effect in the body if it is treated timely.
In whatever age group you are, consult a gynecologist if you have problems of vaginal discharge
and you can easily treat this with their help.


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