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Clean Your Vagina and Self-Care Routine

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 Clean Your Vagina 


Clean Your Vagina and Self-Care Routine 

   Your vagina is important for personal hygiene, I'm gonna share with you all of the wonderful things, I have learned because let's take better care of our bodies .I may think the most pertinent place to start would be with the actual washing and like daily caretaking part of this whole experience .now first of all you don't need to do washing more  your vagina, is a self-cleaning organ like your eyes are it doesn't really need any assistance if something seems really off that is when you should get medical help because you doing a douche.

is probably not gonna solve anything, and it's probably going to make things worse .now you do want to clean around the outside in the labial folds in the Evolver area around, the clitoris area and under the clitoral hood ,and you want to do that either with just like plain water, or with plain soap and water as well typically a bar soap.if you can't like some bar just plain unscented soap .if you can get that ,because the liquid soaps do tend to have alcohol in them which can dry you out or cause irritation ideally no fragrances.

if you're not sure if your body can handle those yet because fragrances are really  common irritants and that can just make everything worse so what you want to do is you want to get in the shower you know while you're doing your daily shower routine, you know you shampoo your hair, you do your body wash at the end after everything else, has been washed all of the other dirt and grime has gone away then ,you lather up a little bit of the soap of your choice and you kind of ,use your fingers to get in through all of those folds maybe peel back your clitoral hood a little bit kind of massage in there, clean around there and then rinse it off I really  highly .recommend that when you were doing this if you have some kind of detachable like shower wand.


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