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Tips For a Healthy Vagina

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Tips For a Healthy Vagina

Tips For a Healthy Vagina
What Should I Know about Vaginal Health ?

Is very important for any woman to know what is normal and anormal about vaginal health.vagina is like any party of the body ,need more care and attention from diseases such as : bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, vaginal yeast ynfections, vaginal rash, vaginal itching, vaginitis, trichomoniasis, vaginal candidiasis, gonorrhea In Women, vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness .this is the vaginal diseases most common in the women .every disease have different symptoms and causes and treatments.
Many women no consult doctor if you have problem in the vagina or any symptoms like as abnormal vaginal odor, vaginal odor after intercourse, vaginal discharge accompanied by odor, overgrowth of natural bacteria in the vagina, bleeding between menstruation, and more symptoms can lead to vaginal diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, if you not treat and consult your doctor.

Tips For a Vaginal Health

For keep your vagina clean and health you must learn and know more about vaginal health,in this article i will explain some tips very important tips how to Clean Your Vagina without any problem.vagina is the most sensitive part for woman,every woman you must know vaginal hygiene and ‎What to avoid and ‎how to wash or feminine hygiene, foods for a healthy vagina. 

Tips For How To Keep Your Vagina Clean and Healthy

  • Avoid using soap inside in the vagina can this affect of healthy bacteria because your vagina need this good bacterai is very important for keeping your vagina clean and healthy or keeping it fresh and for prevent of infection.
  • Clean your vagina after during intercourse and using condom during intercourse can helps to reduce of risk sexually transmitted diseases and more.
  • Wear cotton underwear and avoid tight clothing like as , leggings, pantyhose,bathing suits and Change underwear every day for keep your vagina fresh and healthy.
  • Wipe your vagina from front and back after every douches or wash and use unperfumed soaps  with water because your vagina can clean itself.
  • Avoid irritation or itching in the vaginal or around genital area can lead to inflammation accompanied by pain in the vagaina or vaginal rash or redness around your vaginal.
  • Avoid more partners or relationship can increase to risk of sexually transmitted diseases  such as :  trichomoniasis, candidiasis, gonorrhea, chlamydia ...
  • Avoid to smoking and alcohol.
  • Avoid products chemicals perfumed soap and spray or gel inside in the vagian or around vaginal area this can affect a vaginal healthy.
  • Personal hygiene or vaginal hygiene is necessary for to keep your vagina clean and healthy.
  • Consult your doctor if you have some symptoms of any vaginal diseases.
  • Strengthening the immune system and control of blood sugar for avoid more problem in the vagina such as : inflammation, prostate gland, burning while urinating.
  • Choose the best foods For a healthy vagina such as : avocados, vegetables, wild berries,sweet potatoes, walnuts,apple,soybeans,salmon,flax seeds, and eating foods contain high estrogen and contain protein and vitamins C ,E omega 3 all this foods can help to keeping vaginal health and clean .


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