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Vaginal Health

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Vaginal Health

Vagina is very important part in your body.vaginal need more care for keep your vagina clean and healthy.if have more Questions about Vagina Health such as : How to keep your vagina clean? Foods for a your vagina ? Types of vaginal diseases ? Tips for a healthy vagina ? in this article i will explain how to maintain a healthy vagina and how to keep your vagina clean and healthy and how to prevent your vagina  of infection and bacteria and how to protect your vagina of common diseases .

Vaginal Healthy

Tips For How To Keep Your Vagina Clean And Healthy

  • Personal hygiene is the best way to keep your vagina clean .
  • Exercises everyday for strengthen the pelvic muscles also exercises is essential for vagina.
  • Remove pubic hair.
  • Avoid more partner or relationship ,and use female condoms constantly.
  • Avoid bad medications can affect your vagina, not  use medications contain a chemical product
  • Wash your vagina everyday ,change your underwear or pads constantly.
  • Avoid use detergent of the vagina strong smelling soap.
  • Healthy diet for keep your vagina  healthy clean.
  • Wear cotton underwear and  wear cotton panties.
  • Maintain the ideal weight.
  • Drying your vaginal After every washing and after during intercourse.
  • Consult your doctor if you have symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis,Vaginal Discharge,Vaginal Odor,Vaginal Itching,Vaginal Rash,Vaginal Yeast Infections or any Vaginal Disease


Foods For a Healthy Vagina

Your vagina need vitamins and protein for maintain the pH balance. is very important for to keep your vagina clean and health.the best food for your vagina is : wild berries,sweetpotatoes,salmon,flax seeds,walnuts,apple,soybeans,avocados,vegetables.
this foods is good healthy diet for a vagina because contains : antioxidants,phytoestrogen compounds,omega 3,vitamin E,C,B,B6,potassium,healthy fats, magnesium and calcium.this vitamins and protien can help vagina to prevent of bacterial vaginosis and avoid vaginal diseases

Symptoms of Vaginal Problems
  1. Pain during  intercourse
  2. Pelvic Relaxation
  3. Vaginitis
  4. Vaginal discharge
  5. Vaginal odor with fishy odor discharge
  6. Vaginal bleeding
  7. Vaginal Yeast Infections
  8. Redness and itching in your vagina area
  9. Vaginal Lumps
  10. Vaginal Bumps
  11. Vaginal pimples
  12. Vaginal itching
  13. Vulvovaginitis
  14. Trichomoniasis
  15. Vaginal dryness


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