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Vaginal Diseases

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Vaginal Diseases 
Vaginal Diseases

This article About vaginal diseases or Vaginal problems.i will explain the most common vaginal diseases can affect women.before consult your doctor learn more vaginal diseases

Vaginal infections : Candida albicans or yeast vaginitis also called vulvovaginal candidiasis . also known as candidal vulvovaginitis is the most common in women married and single or pregnant or having diabetes.Vaginal yeast infections is caused by disorder imbalance  pH in vaginal canal and also overgrowth of a fungus  called Candida that results problem in women such as  irritation,burning, itching,yeast vaginitis,vaginal candidiasis.vaginal yeast infection can cause pelvic inflammatory also vaginal infections can cause by sexually transmitted diseases.learn  more "Vaginal Yeast Infections" causes and symptoms and treatments .

Bacterial Vaginosis : is overgrowth of natural bacteria in the vagina this bacteria is Gardnerella vaginalis or vaginal acidity. your vagina need a certain balance of bad bacteria and good bacteria to stay your vagina healthy at the correct pH level. that bacteria can maintain proper pH When this balance breaks down and help your vagina to prevent the development of bacterial vaginitis or also vaginal odor.bacterial vaginosis can affect women at any age, and increase in age of 19-56 years.but is not normal when imbalance of bacteria vaginal pH disorder makes the vaginal less acid PH than usual .because is not natural bacteria that can  increase of harmful bacteria in your vagina. learn  more "Bacterial Vaginosis " causes and symptoms and treatments .

Vaginal Odor : vaginal odor is bacterial vaginosis lead to vaginal odor cause by overgrowth of bad  bacteria in your vagina , In fact is anaerobic bacteria ,any women have vaginal odor is normal but is the smell different from to other women. you must know what is abnormal vaginal odor ? and what is normal odor in your vagina ? vaginal odor can caused by during pregnancy,after intercourse,also vaginal odor can caused by after period or "Menstrual cycle". vaginal odor can accompanied by vaginal discharge and  itching,rash, Irritation.learn  more "Vaginal Odor" causes and symptoms and treatments .

Vaginal Discharge : vaginal discharge  is normal generally for any woman, is necessary  to  keep your vagina clean and the female reproductive system and help to maintain for health for removes bad cells and germs, and prevent infections.Vaginal discharge  vary in quantities and color and odor ,color change from pink discharge,milky discharge, thick discharge ,watery discharge ,transparent to milky,green discharge, yellow discharge, white yellow discharge,dark discharge,  white disharge of  the time  menstrual cycle. vaginal discharge increases in the case of ovulation, lactation and irritation.and  the case  pregnancy . learn  more "Vaginal Discharge" causes and symptoms and treatments .

Common Types of  Vaginal Diseases :
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal Prolapse
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Prolapsed vagina
  • Vaginal itching
  • Vaginal pruritus
  • Genital Ulcer 
  •  Vaginal tears
  • Vaginal Polyps
  • Vaginal Thrush 
  • Vaginal abnormalities


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