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Vaginal Discharge

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 Vaginal Discharge

 Vaginal Discharge

 What is vaginal discharge ?

In this article you will find more information, Everything You Need to Know of vaginal discharge Many women suffer with vaginal discharge but no understanding what is abnormal discharge that caused Depression in women. Firstly vaginal discharge  is normal generally for any woman is necessary  to  keep your vagina clean and the female reproductive system and help to maintain for health for removes bad cells and germs, and prevent infections.Vaginal discharge  vary in quantities and color and odor ,color change from pink discharge,milky discharge, thick discharge ,watery discharge ,transparent to milky,green discharge, yellow discharge, white yellow discharge,dark discharge,  white disharge of  the time  menstrual cycle. vaginal discharge increases in the case of ovulation, lactation and irritation.and  the case  pregnancy .
if you have any types of discharge or abnormal discharge not regular is indicate an Vaginal discharge what is causes of vaginal discharge ?  types of vaginal discharge ? Treatment of Vaginal Discharge ? Symptoms of  Vaginal Discharge ? What is Causes Abnormal of vaginal discharge? what is  normal discharge? natural home remedies of aginal discharge ?.

Causes of  Vaginal Discharge

  • Menstrual Cycle : Change of Hormone.
  • Gonorrhea : Bacterial infection  STD
  • Stress : Depression in women.
  • Bacterial vaginosis : overgrowth of natural bacteria vaginal this bacteria is Gardnerella vaginalis.
  • Trichomoniasis : infection caused by contact with more than one partner relationship.
  • Candidiasis : infection in inside  vagina is Fungal infection.
  • Intermenstrual bleeding or Spotting : problem vaginal bleeding between periods.
  • Cervicitis : Abnormal Uterine Bleeding.
  • Menopause.
  • Vaginal dryness. 

Symptoms of  Vaginal Discharge

  • Vaginal rashes and sores inside vagina with pain sometimes.
  • Abnormal discharge "Vaginal discharge" changes in color such :white discharge , yellow discharge , white yellow discharge , milky discharge , pink discharge , milky white disharge , clear discharge , green discharge , thick discharge.
  • Fishy vaginal odor  your vagina smell like fish.
  • Vaginal redness and burning.
  • Vaginal inflammation.
  • Pain during urination or ulceration  during urination and intercourse.
  • Vaginal itching.
  • Yeast infection.
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Bumps or blisters in your vagina.
  • Vulvovaginitis and Vulva irritation
  • Swelling an genital area.

Treatment of Vaginal Discharge

  • Change underwear every day.
  • Wear cotton underwear.
  • Avoid overly tight clothing.
  • Use a sanitary towel. 
  • Avoid chemicals in feminine hygiene such as  scented soaps.
  • Vaginal douching with soap and water or shower every day.
  • Wipe your vagina from front and back.
  • Healthy eating contain probiotics is good treatment such drink milk or yogurt daily .
  • Natural home remedies such as green tea,garlic,
  • fenugreek oil.
  • Consult your doctor any time if you have some symptoms vaginal disharge or  types of vaginal discharge abnormal.
Types of Vaginal Discharge :

  1. White discharge
  2. Yellow discharge
  3. Milky discharge
  4. Dark discharge
  5. Green discharge
  6. Watery discharge
  7. White yellow discharge
  8. Pink discharge
  9. Clear discharge
  10. Thick discharge
  11. Transparent discharge


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