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Foods For a Healthy Vagina

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 Best Foods For a Healthy Vagina

 Best Foods For a Healthy Vagina

Honey is the best foods for keep your vaginal health because your vagina need vitamin E, B2, B1 honey is rich vitamins such as carbohydrates,protein,Hemoglobin,iron,hydrogen,peroxide,sugar.honey is very important for vagina healty.honey helps to prevent  vaginal diseases such as: Bacterial Vaginosis,Vaginal Odor,Vaginal Discharge,Vaginal Itching, Vaginal Yeast Infections,Vaginal Rash and other issues, the best Benefits of Honey is strengthens the immune system and good Antibacterial of  Bacterial Vaginosis can by caused eliminate bad  bacterial in your vagina also honey helps to Improve your skin around vaginal area and  avoid of black spots.

Salad is also the best food for a Healthy Vagina .Salad contain more vitamins sucha as :  magnesium,proteins,potassium,minerals,fibers,B,E,C,k,E  salad help to prevent of high blood pressure and signs of aging wrinkles  and breast cancer and anemia .salad can help to get red Bacterial Vaginosis , it helps balance PH levels and  prevent vaginal infections. salad is good diet for keeping your vagina fresh and clean and healthy

Any part the body needed good nutrition, vaginal is also one part in the body need best vitamins and protein .salmon is the best source of vitamins such as : potassium and protein omega-3 and fatty acids,vitamin B3. salmon  have many benefits for a vagina can help to protect of vaginal diseases most common such : Vaginal inflammation,Genital herpes,Vaginitis,genital ulcers,Yeast infection,Gonorrhea,Chlamydia,Trichomoniasis,Vaginal discharge,irritation and pain in your vagina.salmon also you can help to improve menstrual and avoid Redness in vagina and Strong smelling discharge.

Bananas is rich of dietary fiber and  protein and potassium.bananas is the best foods for vaginal healthy. bananas can eliminate your risk of bacterial vaginosis and burning during urination ,Vaginal irritation,burning after During Intercourse,sores around the vagina,vaginal odor,candida infection ,vaginal discharge ,vaginal  itching .bananas also can help to protect your vagina of Inflammation and redness and vaginal rash ,and help to improve menstrual cycle and reduce Pain in pelvis.bananas is necessary for vaginal health and Maintains heartbeat.

Apples is the best diet for your vaginal one apple for everyday can help to eliminate bad bacterial  in your vagina, appel contain fiber and pectin and natural sugar and vitamins A and C is very important to prevent of cholesterol in the blood and inflammation and colon cancer, breast cance.appels also can help to reduce the proportion of vaginal discharge and vaginal odor,vaginal itching,vaginal rash , gonorrhea,chlamydia,trichomoniasis, vaginal yeast infections.one appel contain more benefits such as : diet for weight loss, give energy, reduce cholesterol.


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