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Bacterial Vaginosis

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Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis

what is Bacterial Vaginosis?
    BV caused by the overgrowth of natural bacteria in the vagina this bacteria is Gardnerella vaginalis and Vaginal acidity.first step is not necessary to fear so much because it is natural .because your vagina need a certain balance of bad and good bacteria to stay healthy at the correct pH level. that bacteria can maintain proper pH When this balance breaks down and help your vagina to prevent the development of bacterial vaginitis or also vaginal odor.bacterial vaginosis can affect women at any age, and increase in age of 19-56 years.but is not normal when imbalance of bacteria vaginal pH disorder makes the vaginal less acid PH than usual .because is not natural bacteria that can  increase of harmful bacteria in your vagina ,you must Consult your doctor if you have overgrowth of natural bacteria.

Bacterial vaginosis  can affects one in five girls in the world .is very common infection.so I will Explain some questions about bacterail vaginoisis BV.can bacterial vaginosis cause pain?.can bacterial vaginosis spread ?.can bacterial vaginosis cause pain?.natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis.symptoms of BV ?.signs of BV ?.what causes BV ? recurring BV ?.Treatments of  Bacterial Vaginosis ?.


Causes of Bacterial Vaginosis

  • Imbalance of bacteria vaginal high pH level <acidic nor basic and has a pH more 7>
  • Vaginal Douching, because is change the vaginal environment and increase the growth bacteria because Vaginal Douching is not always Helpful .use vaginal shower every day can by caused occurrence of inflammation.
  • Ignoring personal hygiene.
  • Use more than one partner relationship.
  • Disorder pregnancy such as premature birth, low birth weight,especially after cesarean section.
  • Hormonal changes caused by period puberty, menopause,pregnancy, ntercourse.
  • Menstruation residual blood and mucosal tissue after the menstrual period.
  • During pregnancy.
  • Use soap and perfumed in inside vagin.

Symptoms of  Bacterial Vaginosis 

  • Fishy smell.
  • Burning when you urinate.
  • Unusual white, green, or dark yellow Vaginal Discharge with a foul odor.
  • Vaginal  itching and  yeast infections.
  • Some times bleeding  after intercourse or pain some times.
  • Inflammation in  uterus and fallopian tubes that can increase bacteria vagina .
  • Watery discharge.
  • Inflammation in your vagina .
  • Vaginal infection.
  • inflammation in the prostate gland.
  • Urinary tract infection  and Gonorrhea.

Treatments of  Bacterial Vaginosis

  • Avoid use vaginal douching or vaginal shower, Because the vagina clean itself.
  • Avoid intercourse for reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections use condom and avoid more partner .
  • Wear cotton underwear and Change underwear or pads constantly.
  • Avoid use  detergent of the vagina strong smelling soap.
  • Use Vitamin C  is very imprtant to help maintain the pH of the vagina for prevent of bacterial vaginosis and avoid of Recurring BV.
  • Balanced diet ought such as the carbohydrates , sugars ,protein and alternative nutrients.Maintain a diet low.
  • Healthy eating is good treatment such drink milk daily that causes the proliferation of good Bacteria that inhibit the and Bacterial infections, drink lots of water eat foods such as ,juices,  salads, fruits, vegetable.
  • If you have some symptoms such as : Fishy vaginal odor,Inflammation, Gardnerella vaginalis, Vaginal discharge,vaginal infection,Gardnerella vaginalis.mbalance of bacteria vaginal pH and Vaginal acidity Consult your doctor. 
  • You must learn more of natural remedies about bacterial vaginosis  and know natural treatment is important rule of healthy .


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