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Pelvic Organ Prolapse

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Pelvic Organ Prolapse

What is pelvic organ prolapse

  What is pelvic organ prolapse ?

 Pelvic organ prolapse is a condition,where there is a hernia of the vagina,essentially where different compartments of the vagina actually prolapse or comedown creating a sensation of a pelvic.bulge or pressure in the pelvis and this can be quite bothersome to patients the reason it occurs is there's many reasons,often it's because of aging because of having vaginal deliveries some a component we don't really know exactly what all goes into it but there are a number of contributing factors sothe treatment for pelvic organ prolapse.can be a number of things so one you can do nothing if you're not bothered, it's a safe condition there is no danger to your health if you do nothing about it if you decide to do something about it there ,are some treatment options the first and most non-invasive treatment is to do pelvic floor physical therapy,which means Kegel exercises and Kegel Exercises. can be done either at home or under the supervision of a pelvic floor physical therapist. I find that many women really don't know how to do Kegel Exercises so going to a pelvic floor physical therapist is extremely helpful to make sure you're doing them correctly.and just like their any exercise you want to keep doing these exercises as long as you want to have improvement. soif you stop doing them just think if you stop going to the gym your muscles will get weak again ,the next option would be a passer a parry it can be a dish shaped device that we teach you how to inserting the vagina .and fit to the vagina that will actually hold up the prolapse there's really no medications for prolapse .so if you decide that these two options are not working for you the next option would be surgical and there are a number of different surgical options, you can do vaginal surgery and you can do abdominal surgery either open or robotic all of these options have a variety of side effects complications risk that you should be aware of and talk to your physician more about if you, decide to go ahead with surgical options but it is not limited to people who are young You know there are many older women who are bothered by this and can be improved with surgical options transvaginal mesh.

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  At some point in time, every woman faces problem with vaginal discharge
Are all vaginal discharges abnormal?
Is vaginal discharge always a problem?
Today we take more information about it.
So any secretion released from vagina is called vaginal discharge.
There are several glands present inside the vagina, that produce these secretions and keep the vagina lubricated.
So, it is essential to have these secretions.
Additionally, there are many organisms in the vagina, such as healthy bacteria that can fight with infections.
and these bacteria maintain the pH of the vagina to an optimum level.
If for some reason the optimal pH of the vagina is disturbed, it can lead to infection of the vagina.
and this infection will manifest in the form of vaginal discharge.

Abnormal Discharge

There is the possibility of discharge at different points during the menstrual cycle.
For example, during egg release, you can find a whitish discharge that is due to mucus consistency
But it does not smell unusual and does not irritate.
So, it is a normal discharge.
if you are feeling abnormal smell or itching with the discharge or

It is an abnormal discharge if it is altered in color such as yellow or green or if blood-stained
That is the time you should seek gynecological help.

What are the causes of vaginal discharge?
There may be different reasons for this.
most commonly it is due to infection
it can be either a sexually transmitted infection or may be due to poor menstrual hygiene.
Nowadays some girls insert tampons instead of pads in the vagina during the time of periods
if you forget to remove that tampons it will cause infections by lying inside.
Some women have allergies due to latex that present in condoms.
So, whenever they use condoms, they may have vaginal irritation or discharge
Other than this the detergent that you used to wash your clothes
or any type of cosmetic product that you applied to your local area that all can cause vaginal irritation or discharge.
In addition, menopausal women, that is, those women whose periods are stopped
Due to the lack of hormones in them, the vaginal layer will be very thin, so they may have recurrent infections.
Therefore, women who suffer from menopause also have vaginal discharge problems.
When you consult your gynecologist for the first time they will take your history that is, they will ask some questions.
For example, the duration of discharge, quantity, what are the associated symptoms example stomach pain.
vaginal bleeding, or if you have pain during urination? these types of questions.after doing this your examination will be done
In which we hang the patient and with the help of an instrument we will examine your vagina and the face of your uterus
while doing this we can see the discharge that presents in the vagina.we notice the color of the discharge that is how that color looks
From it, we get an idea of the type of discharge and what caused the infection.
some investigations will also be done along with this
important investigations are for example, the analysis of water collected from the uterus which we called a pap smear testing
it is a much-needed test.
whatever discharges secreted other than this are collected on a glass slide and examined under a microscope.
We can also send this discharge to the lab
In that, we can exactly identify the organism that caused this discharge.
In addition, if you experience any pain or burning sensation while urinating, a urine examination will be advised, and sometimes the gynecologist may advise you to test for sexually transmitted infections. because often these discharges occur due to infections.
so, you will be advised to test HIV, Herpes, Hep B&C.
Now we will talk about treatment
The gynecologist will give you the treatment according to the type of discharge. Because the majority of vaginal infections are mixed infections.
So, the treatment you will be given will be a broad-spectrum treatment that covers bacteria, fungus, and protozoan.
 it is necessary, you and your spouse need to get treatment together, When you have an infection, and your partner is also taking treatment, it can reduce the risk of recurrent infections.
Usually, the treatment period will be 7-10 days.
and most female do respond in that time frame.
Some people have a question that, is vaginal discharge normal during pregnancy?
Yes! it may be possible to have vaginal discharge during pregnancy.
in fact, some may have excessive discharge during pregnancy.
it is because of the hormonal effect and there is nothing abnormal in that.
The next question is, is the vaginal discharge common in a certain age group?
so I want to tell you that, the vaginal discharge can occur at any age group.
It is possible to occur in young teenage girls, reproductive women and also to postmenopausal the vaginal discharge or white discharge have any effect on general health?
It won't happen medically
if anyone has excessive discharges then their daily routine can be disrupted because of that
but medically it won't have an impact on general health.
So, to summarize, I will tell you that vaginal infections or discharges are a very common problem.
and it will not cause any long-term effect in the body if it is treated timely.
In whatever age group you are, consult a gynecologist if you have problems of vaginal discharge
and you can easily treat this with their help.

How to prevent itching in your private parts

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 Vaginal Itching

How to Stop Vaginal Itching,

How to prevent itching in your private parts

What Is Vaginal Itching.
How to relieve vaginal Itching.
Reduce vaginal itching.
How to stop Vaginal Itching and Burning.
Home Remedies for Vaginal Itching.
What causes vaginal itching?
Causes of Itching in Private Parts.
Home Remedies For Vaginal Itching.
Treatment of Vaginal Itching,
How to Stop Vaginal Itching,
Itching During Pregnancy.
How to Get Rid Of Vaginal Itching.
How to Treat Vaginal Itching.

   Today we are going to be talking about itching in your intimate parts, and what can you do as a person to relieve yourself, and we will be today taking up a very important issue of itching in your private lives, now itching is not a disease ,it is just a manifestation it just tells you that there is something else wrong. that you need to look at now teaching the reasons are different in younger people , and itching of your intimate parts the reasons are different in slightly older or elderly women. in a younger woman broadly we classify itching, can be because of allergies to you know your female had hygiene products .that you use it can be allergies to your detergents it can be allergies to your new fancy soap , that you have started using to wash yourself it can be irritation from your hard clothing especially younger generation, is very fond of wearing jeans all the time even in the sweaty or humid weathers .so the seam of your jeans can be irritation can be causing irritation  your part private parts. and this can cause itching . because of irritation so a very important component, is that you need to see that the products that you are using to clean yourself, are non perfume they should be bland products and preferably use baby products, if at all you want to use different products though if you use normal soaps, to wash your intimate area that's really goode nough .the fancier products you know lots of them . and want to smell good in your private parts they use a very strong perfumes they use very strong soaps now which can cause dryness and they can cause itching sensation .and once you start scratching it starts each scrap cycle  as we call it in our medical terms. it's tract cycle causes more itching more scratching and then scratched area gets , you know infected by bacteria and it can cause you know other complications very important another category , which causes itching in your intimate part skin is yeast infections or sexuallytransmitted infections. but in those situations usually vagina area is going to be sore, there is going to be some kind of vaginal discharge associated with it .and for that I strongly recommend that you don't try and treat yourself. just keep your area clean and dry and clean your vagina hair short .so it doesn't block any sweat drops inside them and avoid washing yourself .any kind of itching or scratching is because the hygiene, is not proper so please believe me it is not sometimes a question of maintaining hygiene it is a question of also over washing yourself. so if you wash yourself on and on with harsh soaps especially as, I just said you wanna wash off all the protective layer from your skin so we normally recommend especially if you have a sensitive skin you are fair.  your skin is thin you need to take care that you don't get irritation of your skin. so after having a bath dry yourself and apply any kind of barrier to your skin by barrier I Need you could use a coconut oil ,you could use petroleum jelly , or any kind of moisturizer that you use on your outside lips ,do not put any creams inside the vagina, not in the mucosal area just on the outside skin ,so that there is no wrapping or friction from your under garments your skin .so if you just follow these basic things, that is Said that you know if I just recapitulate you know avoid using very harsh soaps to wash yourself, avoid rinsing your under garments after wash , not required unless your doctor tells you some special precautions, that you need to take because of your infections then stop washing as I said you know avoid using very harsh detergents and soaps and wear loose clothes where in your intimate area gets aired nicely and you , it doesn't encourage the growth of harmful bacteria and this is especially true for women who have bigger thighs .and their triangular area always remains closed and blocked, and gets humid because her first sweat another tip you could utilize ,is that you could utilize you could put some kind of talcum powder from top of your underwear so what it will do is do not use talcum close to your skin because talc, is not supposed to be very good but, use it on the cloth of your underwear from the outside .so if you use that with very small quantities what talcum does it it is going to absorb small amount of urine droplets and sweat that has accumulated ,and it is going to just pull it outside the underwear cloth by capillary action, so that way at least your skin is going to be dry , if you feel you're the kind of person who sweats a lot and who needs, to pee often and gets wet often you ,change your underwears at least a couple of times in a day. and use only cotton undergarments or the material that can absorb your sweat drops in your urine droplets so your skin remains dry there's urine when it gets dry it causes lot of irritation.

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Clean Your Vagina and Self-Care Routine

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 Clean Your Vagina 


Clean Your Vagina and Self-Care Routine 

   Your vagina is important for personal hygiene, I'm gonna share with you all of the wonderful things, I have learned because let's take better care of our bodies .I may think the most pertinent place to start would be with the actual washing and like daily caretaking part of this whole experience .now first of all you don't need to do washing more  your vagina, is a self-cleaning organ like your eyes are it doesn't really need any assistance if something seems really off that is when you should get medical help because you doing a douche.

is probably not gonna solve anything, and it's probably going to make things worse .now you do want to clean around the outside in the labial folds in the Evolver area around, the clitoris area and under the clitoral hood ,and you want to do that either with just like plain water, or with plain soap and water as well typically a bar soap.if you can't like some bar just plain unscented soap .if you can get that ,because the liquid soaps do tend to have alcohol in them which can dry you out or cause irritation ideally no fragrances.

if you're not sure if your body can handle those yet because fragrances are really  common irritants and that can just make everything worse so what you want to do is you want to get in the shower you know while you're doing your daily shower routine, you know you shampoo your hair, you do your body wash at the end after everything else, has been washed all of the other dirt and grime has gone away then ,you lather up a little bit of the soap of your choice and you kind of ,use your fingers to get in through all of those folds maybe peel back your clitoral hood a little bit kind of massage in there, clean around there and then rinse it off I really  highly .recommend that when you were doing this if you have some kind of detachable like shower wand.

Causes of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

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Causes of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

vaginal discharge

Vaginal Discharge

 it's normal to have vaginal discharge, you'll find that your discharge naturally. changes throughout the month but sometimes changes can be a sign of infection ,let's run through the common causes of abnormal vaginal discharge. bacterial vaginosis or BV it's usually great white thin and watery with an unpleasant fishy smell, it's not considered a sexually transmitted infection although, it can be passed on through sexual contac,t to another systemin often it happens as a result of changes in the natural balance of bacteria .that lives inside your vagina thrush if you have a white lumpy discharge. that is not smelly you're most likely experiencing thrush a fungal infection. it's often said to look like cottage cheese and causes really annoying itchy and burning around the vagina and vulva thrush. can be easily treated with antifungals which can be purchased at your local pharmacy ,it can take up to a week or two for things to clear up and you might, find that taking probiotics, through eating, live yogurt for example can help also wearing non-synthetic underwear and washing, in non bio washing powder without adding fabric conditioner might reduce skin irritation to trichomonas vaginalis TV another cause of abnormal vaginal discharge. is TV which is usually green yellow or frothy discharge it's caused by a little parasite that infects /the vagina and is transmitted by sexual intercourse. I know the word parasite sounds really terrifying but tremor is really simple. and it's just simple course of antibiotics chlamydia and gonorrhea, both chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause an increase in smelly vaginal discharge sometimes, with blood in it too but don't forget that with both of these STI is you can be totally symptom free and have no changed your discharge, at all for all the conditions we've talked about the only way you can tell for sure, what the causes is by seeing a doctor or going to a sexual health clinic , and having some tests done try not to be embarrassed or shy about

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女性外陰濕疹症狀 招治療女性外陰濕疹




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